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På denne blog vil vi give et indblik i hvad vi gør for gadebørnene i Cebu City - Hvad vi laver med børnene, og hvilke tanker vi gør os om arbejdet med filippinske gadebørn.
På bloggen vil man også kunne læse om nogle af de stærke oplevelser, der er med arbejdet, i Filipino Street Kids.

Eye operation for Mary Grace

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English)Posted by Kristoffer Lenvig Fri, October 09, 2015 15:30

At Pier 4 we got in contact with a mother, who needed help. She has a daughter on thirteen years, Mary Grace. Mary Grace is a speciel child. She is not developed properly and has no language, because of complications during the mothers pregnancy and the birth of her. She has a chronicle infection in her right eye, which only can be removed with an eye surgery. The operation will be supported by a charity fond at the hospital, but this is only for hospitalization and the doctors. Therefor the family needs money for the materials and the tests before and during the operation. The amount of money is about 50.000 pesos, to get Mary Grace safely through this operation and provide her with medicine after. We have been with her mother and Mary Grace to different doctor visits, to provide information on the exact amount of money and the elapse before the operation. We have told her mother, that we will do whatever we can to help fundraise the money. This fundraising will be started in the beginning of October. The reason we want to help, is that if Mary Grace do not get this operation it can eventually go to her brain and infect that to. We hope to get as much possible help, so that this operation can happen. At the moment we help the family with an weekly bottle of Camille the for her eye, and we have started to learn the family a special Danish sign language, as a new way for Mary Grace to be able to communicate with her family.

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