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På denne blog vil vi give et indblik i hvad vi gør for gadebørnene i Cebu City - Hvad vi laver med børnene, og hvilke tanker vi gør os om arbejdet med filippinske gadebørn.
På bloggen vil man også kunne læse om nogle af de stærke oplevelser, der er med arbejdet, i Filipino Street Kids.

This month good story

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English)Posted by Kristoffer Lenvig Fri, October 09, 2015 15:31

We will from now on make the monthly story, to focus on the positive things, which also is a big part of our every day here. In the beginning of September, a new boy arrived at CSYGC. He is twelve years old, and was placed here at the police officers in Cebu City. This boy hardly do not speak English, and has been very introverted when he arrived. He has many scars up against arms and legs, and has some of his fingers, where the outer part has grown in to the middle part. Besides that, he has a broken food, which has not been replaced, so that it now is pointing right. There is no doubt he have had a rough life. We have been told, that his mother have used him for insurance money by throwing him out in front of cars, and that is why he have all these scars. In the beginning, we had a hard time reaching out for him, because he turned us away. One day we were allowed to take him to the barber so he could get a haircut for his long hair, which was filled with lice. After this day this boy growth teen feet taller, and has since developed each day. He have now gotten some relations with the other boys, created respect of himself, he seeks us, he seeks body contact, like hugs and so on, and all in all he now seems to be a more happy child, with the courage to learn different things like English and so on. Perhaps he maybe even got a new sight on life? We have chosen this story, because it has touched us all, and we are very surprised about the quick and positive development he have been through. Natasja has chosen this boy as her focus child.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sincerely Stephan, Natasja and Camilla.